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Rod Gregory


Mr. Gregory takes cases across Western Canada where he will represent you against allegations for the most serious criminal and narcotics offenses.

You can reach Mr. Gregory by phone at 780-993-6999 or by email at

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Mr. Gregory has defended criminal cases in over 100 courthouses

The nuances of criminal law may vary in different jurisdictions, but Mr. Gregory has defended criminal cases in over 100 courthouses in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Valuing legal education and the evolution of criminal law, Mr. Gregory attends legal education courses and seminars across North America. He also mentors young and aspiring lawyers by teaching courses and presenting at various law conferences. He attends court daily, an experience that is invaluable to you as his client.


Mr. Gregory practices exclusively as a criminal defence lawyer. Mr. Gregory defends complicated drugs and narcotics cases including challenging search warrants & warrantless searches, wiretap and conspiracy, money laundering, unreasonable search and seizure. Mr. Gregory is experienced in jury trials, and defending sexual assault allegations before juries & judges. He also defends crimes of violence: murder, manslaughter, assault and serious motor vehicle offences. He has special interest in gun cases and works extensively with the National Firearms Association.


Partner at Davidson Gregory Tralenberg

Edmonton, Alberta

Over 30 Years of

Practicing Criminal Law

Bachelor of Law
Bachelor of Arts

University of Alberta


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